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Your exclusive distributor in the BeNeLux for Hyperspectral Imaging Systems since 2006

From the perspective that technology is always evolving, Frans van der Meij founded SpectraPartners in 2000. We believe integration of the latest developments does not only improve efficiency, but also safety and satisfies our natural urge to learn more. Building on a legacy of technical achievements, we’re known for our solution-oriented approach. From our office in Haarlem, The Netherlands, we serve customers throughout the entire BeNeLux. We participate in several fairs such as:

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Our software solutions

SpectraPartners offers you user-friendly software solutions for hyperspectral imaging. We sell software that is compatible with our hyperspectral cameras and which suits your demands: perClass Mira, Breeze and Evince are developed to accommodate both the new starter and the expert. In collaboration with our suppliers, we offer you custom made solutions that solve your problems and thus create value to the end user.

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