State of the art solution that can be used on multiple drone types



Specim AFX series is an airborne spectral imaging solution based on our successful Specim FX series. It is a compact all-in-one device with an HSI camera, powerful computer, and a high-end GNSS/IMU unit.Weighing only 2.5kg, Specim AFX can be used on multiple drone types – multirotor or fixed-wing, with or without a gimbal.

Specim AFX10 is a VNIR hyperspectral imaging solution with an HSI camera, a small and powerful computer and a high-end GNSS/IMU unit in one compact enclosure. It is a state-of-the-art solution weighing only 2.5kg that can be used on multiple drone types – multirotor or fixed-wing, with or without a gimbal. Data is acquired automatically following the waypoints on a flight plan, making the Specim AFX10 easy to operate.

Specim AFX10 is best suited for:

  • vegetation classification and species identification
  • water quality analysis
  • wetlands monitoring
  • wildlife population study
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All-in-one casing means that Specim AFX has minimal cabling, which makes it simple to mount, and the fully automated data acquisition following the mission flight plan allows easy operation.

Thanks to F1.7 aperture, Specim AFX uses the available light efficiently. That combined with the image enhancement algorithm results in the high quality of the collected data.


The multiple region of interest (MROI) feature allows focusing on the areas that are relevant, which reduces the amount of recorded data. The MROI areas can be flexibly selected and even changed on the fly, based on the application needs.

Specim AFX data can be processed with Specim CaliGeo PRO software. It is also fully compatible with the commercial software solutions such as ENVI, which allows fast data analysis and application creation.


Compact all-in-one solution

  • Spectral Range 400-1000 nm
  • Spectral sampling 2.68 nm
  • Spectral resolution 5.5 nm
  • Fore lens focal length 15 mm
  • Field of view 38 deg
  • F-number F/1.7
  • Spectral bands 224 Binned by 2
  • Spatial pixels 1024
  • Maximum frame rate 330 fps Full frame
  • Dynamic range 1420
  • SNR 400:1
  • Connectors Power In, Antenna, Ethernet
  • Gimbal Optimized for MoVI pro
  • Operating height 15-150 m
  • Dimensions (W x H x L) 131 x 152 x 202 mm
  • Weight (without gimbal) 2.5 kg
  • Weight (with gimbal) ~ 5 kg

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